A Snake Massage?

July 23, 2018

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Just the thought of having a massage can excite you enough to call and make an appointment but one trendy new massage may have you running to the hills.  Move over Swedish massage and make room for a snake massage! Dreaming Goddess boutique in Poughkeepsie, New York offers a full-body massage done with actual snakes. Actually three 6-foot boa constrictors slither along your body, and they either rest their considerable weight along your chest, or wrap themselves around your feet, head, and arms. Serpentessa, a practitioner and "snake priestess" says the healing benefits of having snakes wrapping and gliding around your body tones and stimulates nerves in our bodies to release feel good hormones.  Snake massages are apparently a more common practice in other places around the world, such as Indonesia. Even with guiding, the path of these snakes cannot be controlled and veterinarians thinks people should err on the side of caution for several reasons. Not only can the constrictors suffocate a human, they bite when startled and although they are non-poisonous, their bite can infect you with bacteria that could pose a risk to the human after a bite, for infection and even sepsis. a 75-minute snake massage currently goes for $300 not including tip!

SOURCE: Allure

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