Smiling Can Lead People To Believe You Are Incompetent

January 26, 2017

When you see a smile you usually don't presume the person is less competent.  Well, perhaps you do and perhaps it’s the way the person is smiling.  Marketing researchers have analyzed thousands of smiles from all walks of life and they have concluded that those with big smiles are perceived as less competent than those with slight smiles. The University of Kansas study found that pictures of big, broad smiles are perceived as warmer but less competent than pictures of people with small smile.  It puts smiles into two groups, low risk and high risk.  For instance, broad smile pictures are shared more on social media than small smiles because there isn't much risk to those who see it.  Another example would be a salesperson selling you a shirt, where a big smile is warming.  However for high risk situations like selecting a doctor for surgery, a bank to invest your money or an attorney to represent you in court, those displaying small smiles were overwhelmingly perceived as more competent that those with a warmer broad smile. The study will be published in the January issue of the Journal of Consumer Research.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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