Smells and Sounds Are Just As Important As Looks

May 19, 2017


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it does beyond looks. A new study states the obvious, that your voice and body odor are important in determining attractiveness. A report reviewed 73 studies on the subject dating as far back as 1977 and found that physical looks are just a piece of the attractiveness puzzle.   Smell was a big factor in attractiveness as it holds clues into your health and molecular makeup.  For instance, some diseases, such as diabetes, have a certain scent, which many describe as rotten apples.  Beyond sight and scent, there is sound, which your voice is also related to your health and fertility. For men seeking women, the higher ratings of voices heard correctly correlated with a woman having a smaller waist-to-hip ratio, a body type that is commonly found to be more attractive in women. As for women seeking men, the higher ratings of voices correlated with having a larger shoulder-to-hip ratio, or broad shoulders, which are commonly found to be more attractive in men. A more "attractive" voice tended to be higher in pitch for women and lower for men, among other characteristics.


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