Just The Smell Of Coffee Can Boost Your Performance

July 18, 2018


You don't have to like drinking coffee to get its mood-elevating benefits. Apparently just the thought and the scent of it alone can make you feel more alert and energetic. The study took college students and gave them a ten-question GMAT algebra test (that’s a hard mat test!).  Half took the test in a room that smelled like coffee, the other half took the test in an unscented room. The results showed the coffee-smelling group scored significantly higher on the test. A follow-up survey of 200 new participants found they believed they would feel more alert and energetic in the presence of a coffee scent, versus a flower scent or no scent. The study leader was surprised to find the it’s not just that the coffee-like scent helped people perform better on analytical tasks, but they also thought they would do better from smelling coffee.

SOURCE: EurekAlert!

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