Smart Ways To Stop Coffee Creamer Criminals In The Workplace

October 26, 2017


It's a tale old as time, co-workers raiding the office refrigerator and stealing your coffee creamer. Notes, threats and even crafting a locking system fails to stop the coffee creamer criminals from helping themselves.  But one expert recommends you take a cue from Hollywood and play a little game of cat-and-mouse. Robert Hoffman is an economics professor and an expert in game theory, an approach to psychological warfare made popular by the Russell Crowe film A Beautiful Mind may be the solution. For instance, tag your creamer with your boss' name.  Most employees, if they value their job and respect the boss, will not risk stealing their superior's dairy and will avoid your milk like the plague. Another technique is a little more dishonest, which is to join in the stealing and cutting off adding to your supply.  Stopping the crime by cutting off the supply and stealing for yourself instead works as a solution and is an example of 'prisoner's dilemma', but there is a shelf-life when eventually no one buys creamers and you all lose. But if you're weary of games, you can always create your own locking mechanism. This one works best on plastic bottles with a handle modeled into it, such as a gallon or half-gallon plastic bottle. You'll need a sturdy, clear plastic container, a metal dowel with holes on each end and a couple of suitcase locks. Place the plastic container over the milk jug and make sure it comes down at least half way.  Find place on the plastic container where it intersects the handle.  Mark that spot and drill out a hole through the container.  Then in place the clear plastic container over the jug and insert the metal dowel through the bottle handle.  Secure the dowel with the two locks at each end and you're creamer is safe!

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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