Smart Watch For Kids Gets Some Heat From Parents

August 3, 2016

Technology has its roots in making our lives easier by handling the mundane, routine and sometimes difficult challenges of life.  But some think the Octopus smart watch for children may be a bit too much. The 'Octopus' smart watch made especially for kids allows parents to program alarms via their smartphone, tablet or computer, to alert children to specific tasks that need to be done in their daily routine (brush teeth, make bed, etc.). Creators Sam Hickman and Omar Alaouf, which have started a company called Joy, say the Octopus smart watch is a 'training wheels for good habits' and aimed at children aged between three and eight, the watch uses clearly identifiable icons to help kids stay on top of their routine. However some critics say it's outsourcing parent responsibilities, while other praise the duo's efforts.  Their Kickstarter campaign is over $700,000, quickly exceeded their goal of $50,000 and the Octopus Watch is currently in production and planned to be launched before the end of the year.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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