Smart Underwear To Keep Monitoring You

January 16, 2018

© Isabel Poulin | Dreamstime

2018 may be the year that your undergarments go high tech!  At the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES) a company by the name of Skiin demonstrated electronic underwear for men and women.  Actually it's smart underwear that keeps track of your health.  Rechargeable sensors are hidden in tops and bottoms for men and women that monitor your body.  Sensors are woven into the underwear that monitor your body temperature, heart rate, breathing, motion, posture, hydration and even your body fat.  IT is all sent to your phone and kept for you to track your activity, stress levels and overall health. The information collected is used to give you suggestions to improve your life.  Or instance the sensors detected you didn't get a lot of sleep, so in the morning it recommends you take it easy at the gym.  Skiin can remind you to breathe when you are stressed and even set mood lighting to help you relax (when paired with a smart light). Prices range from $279.00 for a pack of four with shipments to be delivered this summer.

SOURCE: Mashable

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