Smart Tattoo Ink Changes Color To Alert You Of Health

October 3, 2017

© Litwinphotography | Dreamstime

Tattoos are spiritual, fashionable and now a potential lifesaver!  Researchers at Harvard and MIT have created "smart ink" technology that can alter its color based on your body's health.  In essence, it's a mood ring for your health. The ink works by interacting with the body’s chemistry, changing color based on the current levels of a given biomarker. For example, one type of ink changes from green to brown as glucose levels rise, which benefits those with diabetes. Another green ink, when viewed under blue light, becomes more intense as sodium concentration increases (a possible sign of dehydration). The ink, which will undergo human testing, seems promising as a way to monitor long-lasting chronic conditions without the need for a worn monitor, which can be uncomfortable or inconvenient.

SOURCE: Nerdist

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