Smart Pill Bottle Cap Alerts You When Its Time To Take Your Medicine

May 3, 2017

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Vitamins, supplements and medications from your doctor work best when you take them as directed.  However that is easier said than done, considering a recent report found adults 40 years and older taking prescription medications for chronic illnesses that 57% admitted to missing doses of their medication and 30% said they sometimes forgot whether or not they took their pills.  Well Pillsy won't ever let you forget to take your pills.  It is a smart pill bottle cap that fits over most prescription and over-the-counter pill bottles and it keeps track of when you open it.  Program the times you are to take your medications, vitamins or supplements and you'll get an alert via the smart phone app.  Pillsy itself starts beeping until you open it and measure out the proper dosage (sorry, Pillsy doesn't do that) and then marks you as taking your pills. If you try to open it again later that day, it will warn you that you’re double-dosing. Like an alarm clock it has a snooze feature as well. For $39 you can get the prescription bottle version or the over-the-counter version.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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