Smart Handbag Uses Fingerprint To Open & Alerts You When You Stray Too Far From It

May 23, 2017

© Andi Berger | Dreamstime

The smart handbag will soon be a reality as one company's Kickstarter campaign has easily been reached, which means the FYB London handbag will be available the end of summer. 

This purse is high tech.  It alerts you if you stray too far from it with a text message, so you never forget where you placed your purse. It also can charge your phone or computer.  The siding uses RFID blocking to keep your credit cards and passport information secure from marauding scanners that steal identities using radio frequencies and has a biometric feature that keeps it locked until you scan your fingerprint!  It does all of this while looking fashionably awesome! The purses range from $270 to $115,000.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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