Smart Car Apps Continues To Operate Cars After It Has Been Sold

February 21, 2017

© Natallia Khlapushyna | Dreamstime

A few years ago cars have received the digital makeover and came with many convenient upgrades, including apps to unlock the car, honk the horn and find out the exact location of your vehicle right from your phone.  But what happens when you sell the car?  Or when you buy one?  Come to find out there is a big security flaw when one car with smart technology is sold from one owner to another.  Charles Henderson said he sold his car several years ago but can still control it using his smartphone; even after the car's technology was reset when he sold it.  Although Charles removed all of his personal data and settings from the car he sold, he kept the app on his phone and still connects to a car he no longer owns.  The privacy and security flaw was highlighted at a security conference last week. Authorized dealerships have the ability to see which devices have access to the car and to manually remove a device from it, however private sellers do not have access.  As for car manufacturers, Charles, who works for IBM, says they are slow to respond in fears the security upgrade will cause an error in using the app and therefore cause customers to discount the technology.  If you own a pre-owned car that uses an app to access it, contact the manufacturer and inquire about how they can remove any previous owner access from your vehicle.

SOURCE: Jalopnik

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