Smart Candle Can Be Lit and Extinguished Using Phone App

September 21, 2016


There are no shortages of devices your smart phone can control and thanks to a company called LuDela, you can remotely light and extinguish your candles with a press of a button.  We're not talking those battery-operated flameless candles either.  LuDela candles are real wick and fire candles with a twist.  Basically it's a candle within a candle with the exterior that looks like you'd expect.  Inside it is a refillable candle with a wick and technology to light a real flame and extinguish it. Using what creators call Wi-Fire, the battery-operating igniting system can be activated by using an app to ignite the wick and within seconds enjoy the warm glow of a real candle.  Then when it's time to douse the flame, grab your smart phone and activate the extinguish feature. You can activate some or all of the candles without getting off the couch or climbing out of the bathtub and since power is only needed to momentarily ignite a wick, the candles can go for a long time before the app lets you know which ones need a charge. How the LuDela candles cost substantially more than their conventional cousins, with candles $99 each and a discounted inner candle refill program will keep you remotely starting and ending candles for a long time.

SOURCE: Gizmodo

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