Slow TV Comes Racing To Netflix

August 4, 2016

Do you enjoy watching TV in the slow lane?  For instance, would you love to watch 7 hours of unedited footage of a train ride?  Or hours of salmon fishing?  Netflix announced that as of tomorrow, it will be offering the famous Norwegian cult hit "Slow TV" to US customers.  Slow TV is exactly what it sounds like, a TV network that broadcasts real-time footage of  a crackling fireplace, a leisurely canal cruise, people knitting a quilt; all without editing for time.  It all started in 2009  when the public broadcast network NRK aired the first Slow TV video: an uncut, seven-hour train trip from Bergen to Oslo and as boring as it may sound, Slow TV's debut captured the attention of over 1 million viewers, or 20% of the country's population.  Time will tell if Slow TV will gains fans in the USA; although it may be a slow starter! 

SOURCE: Inverse

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