Slot Machine Makes a $49 Million Mistake

October 31, 2016

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We've all had dreams of what we'd spend the money on if we ever won the lottery or perhaps the big jackpot at a casino. Katrina Bookman of New York City had that dream. After all, she was due a break.  Beige raised in foster care, homeless as a teenager, she was able to raise 4 children who graduated high school it was time for karma to hit her hard. Katrina was playing the Sphinx slot machine at Resorts World Casino in August when the machine displayed the unthinkable, that Katrina had won nearly $43 million!  Her winnings grabbed the attention of passersby, security and casino management who were just as amazed as Katrina. You see, the maximum payout for the Sphinx slot machine could only be $6,500, so the $48.9 million displayed was way too much.  The video slot machine had malfunctioned.  But that didn't stop Katrina from planning on how spend her winnings.  However she left that day empty handed as the casino contacted state gaming officials to figure out what happened and how to proceed.  The following day, Katrina returned to the casino to collect her prize but was told she only won $2.25. According to the New York State Gaming Commission, the machine had properly displayed the maximum payout, which was $6,500 and by law, the casino cannot pay out any amount not legitimately won.  Katrina has hired an attorney and plans to sue the casino.

SOURCE: ABC 7 New York

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