Slicing Vegetables Right Before Eating Can Boost Nutrients For Your Body

January 31, 2018

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We slice them, dice, them, blend them and eat when raw.  Vegetables are not only delicious, they're full of vital vitamins, minerals and energy.  But want to get a bit more nutrition out of them? Chop them!  A nutritionist says that chopping vegetables before eating them boosts their nutrients, making leafy greens that much healthier for you. A study found that chopping specific vegetables, such as carrots, can boost antioxidant levels by nearly 200%. It’s because chopping vegetables releases enzymes which allow more of those nutrients to be absorbed by your body faster. This process is known as enzymatic browning.  Just make sure you eat those chopped vegetables fairly quick.  The enzymatic browning process that aid your body are the same ones that that turn apples and avocados brown once they are exposed to the air. But beyond cosmetic, vegetables that are chopped interrupt the movement of nutrients throughout the veggie, therefore the longer the veggies go sliced and uneaten the more the nutrients decompose. So skip the per-cut vegetable tray if you can for a little more pep in your peppers, courage in your carrots and strength in your spinach and leave them whole as long as you can before slicing (and eat them fairly soon).

SOURCE: The Daily Mail

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