Sleeping On Your Side Is best For Back Pain

November 10, 2017

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Lower back pain is experienced by nearly all adults and while diet, exercise and medications can help, how you sleep can be a big factor. Specifically, sleeping on your side is an excellent position for anyone who regularly deals with lower back pain. Adding a pillow between your knees or sleeping on your side in the fetal position, is pretty good for you. These are the two best positions for anyone who regularly struggles with lower back pain, because curving your spine creates more space between the vertebrae. However only 15% of adults report sleeping consistently on their side compared to other positions. So what do you do if you cannot fall asleep on your side and stay there? First, get the right pillow. Your pillow should support the curve of your neck, and ideally you should try to align your ear, shoulder, and hips with the right pillow. Make sure your mattress is supporting you properly. Your mattress should be firm enough to support your body; if it's not, you can try rolling up a towel or taking a pillow and nestling it against your waist and the mattress so that your spine rests comfortably.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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