Sleeping In On The Weekends Good For Your Health

May 24, 2018

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If you enjoy sleeping in on the weekend, it may be good for your health after all.  While experts have said it is impossible for you to "catch up" on sleep, a team of scientists reexamined this theory and looked at the sleep data from about 44,000 Swedish adults collected in 1997 and followed up with them in 2010. They found those under-slept during the work week (5 days) and slept more during the weekend (last 2 days of the week) had no greater risk of death than the people who got healthy amounts of sleep every night of the week. The new study, though, focuses just on the sleeping habits of people at a specific point in time. To confirm what these results suggest, more long-term studies will need to be conducted. The study did confirm those who consistently slept for five hours or fewer throughout the week were more likely to die earlier than those who slept for six or seven hours, seven days a week. Also, oversleeping every day of the week, more than 8 hours, also put participants at a greater risk of mortality.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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