Skip The Generics On These 3 Items And Buy Name Brand

October 28, 2016


A great way to stretch your shopping dollar is to buy generic items.  From canned peas to prescription medicine, generics are generally the same quality as name-brands but at a reduced price.  However not all generics are just as good as their more expensive cousins. Experts offer advice on three household items you should spend more for the name-brands.  Diapers and baby formula.  Yes, having a child is expensive but feeding an infant generic formula and using generic diapers may not be the best.  Of course the nutritional values in generic and brand-name formulas are the same but the mixing processes are different, which means if you infant prefers the name-brand formula, go for it rather than risk them not liking the generic and losing a lot of money. Same for diapers.  The overall savings for generic diapers is around $.04 each, which adds up but they may not be as soft as the name-brands or absorb liquids as fast. Generic house paints may be cheaper to buy but you get what you pay for.  Name-brands generally are longer-lasting, easier to clean and easier to apply, generally with one coat while generics may take several coats, which is more time consuming and can even cost you more in additional paint.  Finally, don't cheap out on the paper and plastic goods. Store brand versions of plastic wrap, zip-able plastic bags and paper towels may not be worth the savings.  Trial and error of course but generics generally are not made up to the standards of name-brands, with paper towels that don't absorb and plastic wrap that won't cling.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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