Skinny Ties Are Getting Wider

October 31, 2016

© Warrengoldswain | Dreamstime

Bad news if you have just completed your skinny tie collection guys, according to the latest J. Crew catalog for fall, they have officially widened their ties by ¼ inch to keep up with today’s changing proportions.  The clothing retailer echoes trends that skinny is clinging on life support.  For the past few years, ties around 2.5 inches have been commonplace among a certain set of tie-wearers, but J. Crew's ties will now be going from 2.5 inches to 2.75 inches.  However mainstream men's ties are about 3 inches wide, meaning those ties are now ¼ inch wider. Although ties are wider, don't expect them to go as wide as they did in the 90s.  But don't fret if you've just completed your skinny tie collection as the old says goes, fashion is cyclical.

SOURCE: Esquire

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