Size Rather Than Gender Determines How Much You Sweat

March 10, 2017


The secret is out regarding sweating and surprise men do not sweat more than women.  Sweat has nothing to do with gender, says science, it has all to do with size.  When you get hot, your body relies on two ways to cool down, increasing blood circulation (think of a car's radiator) and expelling water from sweat glands. A recently completed study debunked the traditional thought that men sweat more. Instead they found that smaller-framed men and women cooled down more often through increasing blood circulation than sweating.  It also found people with more muscle and weight depend more on sweat to cool them down. The study reviewed the sweating responses and skin blood flow in 24 women and 36 men after they performed controlled workouts and with everyone doing the same exercise in the same environment, they discovered the women and men had the same body temperature changes, no matter their gender.

SOURCE: Science Daily

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