Six Women Unknowingly Wear The Same Dress To A Wedding

September 20, 2017

© Ariwasabi | Dreamstime

One of the toughest challenges for every woman is to make sure the dress you wear to an event is not being worn by someone else. While bridesmaids traditionally wear the same dress to a wedding, six guests at a wedding had the shock of a lifetime when they all were wearing the same dress. Debbie Speranza spotted the $128 dress at a store called, Forever New, and thought it would be the perfect outfit for friend's wedding last weekend. You could imagine the shock of watching her cousin walk into the room wearing the same dress.  But that was just the beginning.  Later they ran into another woman wearing the same dress.  In all, six women wore the same dress at Julia Mammone's wedding, leading her to name them the #BackUpBridesmaids


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