Sitting At Your Desk All Day Isn't As Bad As Sitting On The Couch

February 8, 2017

© Ammentorp | Dreamstime

It appears that the news that sitting at your desk is unhealthy may have been blown out of proportion.  Earlier claims that sitting for up to 8 hours a day is as dangerous to your health as smoking cigarettes.  Although having a sedentary lifestyle is not good for you, scientists are clarifying claims about sitting.  They say there is a big difference between sittings while watching TV as opposed to sitting at a desk.  While those typically sitting on a couch watching TV or playing on the computer lead to longer sessions of physical inactivity, little evidence supports the claim the same is true at the office.  Generally, people get up and move around more often and for longer period than their couch potato cousins.   

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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