Sitting All Day Can Speed Up The Aging Process By Eight Years

January 19, 2017

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Want to slow down the aging process?  Stand up and do it more often. Women who sit more than ten hours a day can speed up the aging process up as much as 8 years because of premature ageing of cells in your body. That can lead to increased risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  Scientists examined nearly 1,500 women and the tiny caps found on the ends of DNA strands, called telomeres.  They protect chromosomes from deterioration and what they found is that women who were more sedentary had shorter and more frayed telomeres.  Scientists use telomeres to calculate 'biological age'. Considering most workers spend 75% of the day sitting in front of the computer, it is something to be aware of and the remedy is an easy one.  Scientist says moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes a day can reverse the damage.  The study reviewed data from women and plan to see if these findings also affect men.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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