Sis Hour Work Days Are Healthier And Save Money For Employers

April 20, 2017

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More evidence that a shorter work day is full of positive benefits for both employees and employers.  A experiment at a nursing home in Sweden has just been completed, where the working day was reduced from 8 hours to 6 and it's hard to argue its success.  Although the nursing facility had to hire an additional 17 nurses, which was a huge startup cost, the long term benefits of a healthier staff saw savings in less time off, less sick days and better performance.  The research showed that nurses working six-hour days took 4.7% fewer sick days, less unexpected time off work and a higher level of care for patients. This research supports recent work from the American Heart Association which found that healthy employees spend half as much on health care. Considering the ever-rising costs of healthcare affecting company's bottom line, employers may see this as a better way to control costs; even at the expense of hiring additional staff.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

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