Siri Gives Your Personal Information To Anyone Who Asks

February 24, 2017

Siri, Alexia, Cortana.  They're the personal voice recognition assistants that are quickly becoming our trusted friends.  But like our carbon-based human friends, sometimes they don't know when to keep quiet.  An Atlanta woman that goes by the Twitter name @afronomics tweeted of a story that will have you racing to your settings.  While in a bathroom she noticed someone had left their iPhone by the sink.  By chance, she pushed the home button to awaken Siri.  She asked "What is my name?" and Siri responded with it.  She then asked Siri, "What are my most recent calls?" and Siri responded with it. Come to find out, Siri doesn't mind giving your name, phone numbers and even notifications when you think your personal information is safely stored behind a locked screen.  However you can give Siri a virtual pinch on the arm to be more discreet.  Change your settings for Siri to stay quiet when the home screen is locked.  Simply go to "Settings", then "Touch ID & Passcode."  After you enter your passcode, scroll down to “Allow access when locked” and turn off “Siri,” “Today’s View” and “Notifications View” to keep all your information private when the phone is locked.  Of course, you can still make emergency calls but the most recent phone numbers, name and notifications will be out of the hands of a potential thief.