Pet Peeves Of Partners During A Road Trip

July 16, 2018

© Sirinarth Mekvorawuth | Dreamstime

Just Can't Wait To Get Back On The Road Again! Going on a road trip, you really get to know your travel companions and it can make or break a relationship, particularly if that significant other exhibits some classic driving turn-offs.  Our friends at the singles dating web site,, recently polled singles about what they like and don't like when taking a road trip. 45% of women said it would be a turn-off if their partner couldn't change a flat tire, while 51% of women said they could do the job themselves if needed. And while 71% of all respondents said road rage was a turn-off, too, women dislike it more, with 81% said they found it unattractive, compared to 62% of men. But the classic road trip isn't just about getting from here to there, 83% of singles said they hoped it would show them how that partner dealt with unexpected situations. 51% said their feelings for their partners increased afterward, while 8% said they actually decreased. In fact, of that 8%, three quarters wanted to break up after a road trip. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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