Single Women Find Single Fathers And The 'Dad Bod' Irresistible

June 15, 2018

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With Father's Day on Sunday, it appears that women find single dads very attractive. According to the dating app, Zoosk, who surveyed 3,051 single women and analyzed 301,242 messages found that single dads are "so hot right now.' According to the research, 92% of single women are open to dating single dads, with 55% 'very open' to the idea. There are a variety of characteristics women believe single dads tend to have, which is what makes them more appealing than men without children. 26% find that these men know they're no longer the center of the universe and also believe that they're more caring, more patient, more responsible and more thoughtful. The surprises don't stop there, as it also showed that the appeal of a six pack is no longer as attractive as in the past. In fact, 86% of women are completely fine with the 'dad bod', with nearly a quarter (24%) finding them attractive. Along with the dad bod, corny dad jokes rank high with 55% of women think that dad jokes are a great way to break the ice. Zoosk also revealed that including the term 'dad bod' in a message means daters will be 41% more likely to respond.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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