The Simplified Rules Of Re-Gifting

November 11, 2016


Although it is still early November, no doubt you have begun the quest to complete you gift-giving list.  Perhaps you have an unwanted gift from an associate or extended family that has remained untouched since it was given to you.  Is it is right for a re-gift?  As long as these social protocols are followed, it is totally acceptable to re-gift an item.  #1-the item must be new and in its original packaging. #2-It must have value.  If the item was a freebie you picked up at a grocery store grand opening, it isn't an appropriate gift.  However there are exceptions if the free gift is unique, such as an autographed Harry Potter poster from a book signing you got free with a purchase.  If the receiver is a harry Potter fan, the re-gift is acceptable.  #3-It must be rewrapped. Make sure it is wrapping of your style.  #4-It must move to a new social circle.  Nothing is more embarrassing than re-gifting a gift that someone wo gave it to you. To avoid overlap, consider a notebook of re-gifts that documents what was received and for whom handed it to you.  Finally #5-don't lie.  If you are caught, just tell the truth. You can put a positive spin on it ("I really appreciate the sweater you gave me, but my best friend looks much better in coral"), but you cannot pretend it didn't happen. Own up to it and move on.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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