Simple Way To Know When To Replace Cleaning Sponges

February 7, 2018

Let’s be honest, how long have you been using the same kitchen sponge? Studies say sponges are actually dirtier than toilets and that you should replace your sponge about every week, which most likely isn't happening.  So a simple way you can track your sponge timeline is to grab a permanent marker and either write the date you changed it or the date you need to replace it.  Take it a step further by labeling each sponge with their function.  A sponge for the dishes, A sponge to clean counters, a sponge to clean up splatters from the floor, etc. You can get a little more life out of your sponges by boiling them for one minute to kill roughly 60% of the accumulated germs but considering sponges are not gold, it may be just easier (and healthier) to replace them on a weekly basis.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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