Simple Way To Correct A Number Mistake On The iPhone Calculator

May 8, 2017

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It appears that Amazon and Apple have buried the hatchet.  The two giants of Internet streaming are reportedly close to an agreement to bring an Amazon video app to Apple’s Apple TV set-top box by this summer. Although this move should make it easier for Apple TV viewers to access Amazon, it’s unclear if this agreement will include Amazon resuming sales of Apple TV products on its site or if Apple will work to make the Amazon App easier to use on mobile devices.  In related Apple news, anyone who has used the calculator app knows that if you make a mistake that you basically have to restart your calculations as there is no back button.  Or is there?  Apparently all you have to do is swipe right on the number display on the calculator to remove the last number that is was punched in.  Apple has long been cryptic on instructions and features of its products.  An online post from Jazz Johnson re-discovered the information from a 2014 post and has shared it online.

SOURCE: Recode & BuzzFeed

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