Simple Trick You Can Do To Keep Your Salad Lettuce from Becoming Soggy and Soft.

April 5, 2017

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MMMM, that salad you had last night was delicious...and from a bag of all things!  You can't wait to get home tonight and once again enjoy that delicious salad for dinner.  However when you open the salad bag you opened last night, the lettuce is no longer crisp and firm.  It's flimsy and gross and how you wasted your money.  But rather than tossing out opened salad bags after a couple of days because of soggy lettuce, this simple trick will add shelf life.  Once you've opened the salad bag, stick in a folded paper towel in the bag.  Simply put the paper towel will soak up all that extra moisture and leave your lettuce crisp and firm for much longer.  The trick can work with any leafy vegetable. 

-- Kitchen hack -- When you get home with bagged greens, cut open the bag and put a paper towel inside. The paper towel will absorb moisture and keep the greens fresher longer ----

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