This Simple Test Could Predict Your Mortality

September 22, 2016


 A morbid topic but one that will happen to us all is the one day it's time to exit this world.  But would you want to know the date?  For those who are super planners, this may be for you.  A Brazilian doctor says he has come up with a simple test you can do to predict how many years you have left to live.  It works by you standing upright in the middle of a room with your feet spread apart shoulder's length.  Then carefully squat without using your harms or hands for leverage.  Without using your arms or hands for leverage, carefully squat into a cross-legged sitting position until you are sitting Indian style.  Once you're comfortable, attempt to stand back up from the sitting position — again, without using your arms for help. You get 5 points for sitting and 5 points for standing back up.  If you use an arm or hand for help in balancing, subtract one point from 10 possible points. Half a point is subtracted each time you lose balance, or when your feat becomes clumsy. Dr. Araujo came up with the test with alarming accuracy. He tested it on more than 2,000 of his patients aged 51 to 80, and found that people who scored less than 8 points on the test were twice as likely to die within the next six years. Those who scored three points or less were five times more likely to die within that same time period. Overall, each point achieved in the test accounted for a 21%decrease in mortality. Dr. Araujo's study was only performed on patients older than 50, so the results won't mean the same thing for younger individuals taking the test. But regardless of your age, the test should provide a useful benchmark for your overall health. If you're younger than 50 and have trouble with the test, it ought to be a wake-up call.

SOURCE: Discover Magazine

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