The Simple Secret To Brewing The Best Cup Of Coffee

September 22, 2016


We love our coffee and have no problem spending lots of time and money seeking to make the perfect cup of Joe.  From machines that brew it to the water used, every coffee brewer has their own method but we have found that there is one simple secret you can use to create the best cup of coffee in your life and become a Coffee Conquistador. It's all about the grind.  According to most coffee experts, coffee grounds should all be the same size because you want the coffee to extract at the same rate.  So if you opt for freshly ground coffee beans, most likely the two blade grinder you bought at a department store is ruining the experience.  That's because the two blades are shopping the beans rather than grinding them into uniformed pieces. The large particles will under-extract and the smaller particles will over-extract. What you want is a burr grinder.  Rather than spinning and chopping, a burr grinder uses two steel plates set at specific distances to uniformly grind the beans into the same shape and therefore giving you a better tasting coffee. And they're not too expensive, with hand crank burr grinders selling for around $30.  As for when you should grind those beans, immediately before brewing, as those flavonoids start to disappear within 30 to 45 minutes.

SOURCE: Serious Eats, Mental Floss, Lifehacker

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