Simple Reason Alexa Kept Quiet About The CIA

March 13, 2017

© Jakub Jirsák | Dreamstime

Last week WikiLeaks released many documents that showed the U.S. government is spying on us through our phones, TVs, computers and personal assistants like Google, Siri and Alexa.  One online video added to the mystery when she asked Amazon's Alexa personal assistant, "are you connected to the CIA," only to have Alexa remain silent (we think to prevent self-incrimination). 

However something amusing and worrisome all at the same time turns out to be a glitch.  As personal as these devices sound, they're still just machines and through picking out answers for selected words you may say in a particular pattern, it doesn't truly understand you.  So in the case of Alexa remaining quit about its relationship with the government, it simply didn't understand the question. But thanks to this question, the glitch has been fixed.  SO now if you ask Alexa about being connected to the CIA, NSA or FBI, it responds with, 'No, I work for Amazon." As for your smart devices listening to you, yes they do.  If you use a device that you can summon by speaking directly to it, it is listening and that data could be used unethically.  

SOURCE: The Consumerist

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