Simple Hacks To Revive Stale Chips and Bread

September 30, 2016
potato chips

So you are hosting a football party at your house this weekend.  You prepared all week in buying the wings, the dip, the chips and the drinks.  However your growing son with the bottomless pit of a stomach help himself to some chips and let the bag open.  Now your chips are soggy and stale.  Not to worry we've got a trick you can do to revive those soggy chips.  Simply put them in the microwave for 30 seconds and voila!  The crunch should be back!  Research says chips become stale because the starches in the chips absorb water.  During the frying process, that moisture is cooked out, leaving the starch molecules thirsty when exposed for moisture thick air.  So using the microwave to dry them out should whisk away the additional water making them ready for the dip.  The opposite effect happens for bread, which dries out when left out.  But you can place bread in a 140 degree oven for a few minutes.  The heat will help it attract water from the air to restore its softness. And, avoid putting bread in the fridge as it dehydrates the bread 6 times faster than leaving it at room temperature.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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