Simple Hack To Keep Tomatoes Fresher Longer

July 6, 2017

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The summer season means your garden and grocery store is overflowing with red, juicy tomatoes.  So many in fact you can't possibly eat all of them at one sitting nor should you gobble up all their deliciousness in one sitting.  But as ripe tomatoes sit, they quickly turn into rotten tomatoes, here’s a simple hack you can use to keep those tomatoes fresher longer. The key is to stop it from losing moisture and for a tomato, it the stem is responsible for this loss.  So if your vine-ripened tomato has a stem, cover it in tape to prevent loss of moisture. If your tomato doesn't have a stem, it can still lose moisture from where the stem once was, so store them upside down on a flat surface to slow down the water loss.  And the best place to store them is in the refrigerator. Just let them warn back up to room temperature before slicing into them!

SOURCE: Serious Eats

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