Simple Guide In Dressing Up Your Pet For Halloween

October 25, 2016

© Adogslifephoto | Dreamstime

Halloween is Monday and this weekend many will be hosting Halloween parties and for a few that involves dressing up your cat or dog.  Well, more so your dog and cats aren't fans of clothing.  But you should remember common sense for an animal not accustomed to wearing clothes.  The golden rule is that if you pet doesn't mind, the go for it but remember to be safe.  If your pet is finicky, you might try downsizing the costume to a holiday-themed collar, bandana, or bow, but even that may be pushing it for some pets. Just remember not to force it upon them. Avoid costumes with anything tied around the neck. No rubber bands or elastic around legs or ears or necks and nothing long that could be a tripping hazard or get tangled around their legs. If your pet will be trick-or-treating with you and your kids, make sure that the costume is reflective or lit up so that he is visible to cars and pedestrians. You can purchase an inexpensive roll of reflective tape, cut it into strips, and apply it to the costume. And don't use commercial hair dye or bleach to color their fur coats.  Dogs and cats lick their fur and will ingest the hazardous chemicals.  And while food grade dyes are considered relatively safe, there are reports that ingesting certain dyes can lead to allergies and increase risks of cancers.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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