The Simple Act Of Volunteering Could Be A Financial Win For Your Kids

February 1, 2018

© Christinlola via Dreamstime

As parents we always look to ways that give our children the best tools for success in life, including a much larger paycheck then even ours!  So if you want your children to earn more money than you in their lifetime, get them to volunteer.  A new study of nearly 9,500 teens found that those who engaged in civic activities, such as voting, volunteering and activism, were more likely than their non-engaged peers to earn higher incomes and get more education. But it's not just money.  The same study found those who volunteer showed fewer symptoms of depression and lower risk for negative health behaviors including substance use. While it’s not clear why civic engagement leads to such positive outcomes, it is clear that our children learn from us.  So setting an example by volunteering yourself and making it a family activity could pay off big in your kids future. One sure thinkw e know is that giving back with charitable actions not only helps our community, it helps your soul (and bank account!).

SOURCE: Moneyish

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