Silver Springs Rhesus Monkeys On The Move Towards Orlando

April 25, 2017

© Donyanedomam Dreamstime

Recent news of an escaped cobra snake in Ocala and boas, anacondas and pythons hunts play into the growing reputation that Florida is one big zoo of exotic animals. For instance, silver springs infamous rhesus macaques monkey would occasionally bee seen and heard when enjoying a glass bottom boat tour.  But it appears even the monkeys are enjoying the improved economy and a troop of them have made their way to the Orlando suburbs. An Apopka resident says she thought it was a raccoon but upon closer inspection it was a monkey.  Florida's macaques monkey were brought to Silver Springs from India back in the 1930s by boat promoter, Colonel Tooey, who thought the monkeys would be an additional attraction for his glass bottom boat tours along the Silver Springs river. Sightings of the monkeys have been reported in The Villages and rouge monkey was spotted in the Tampa Bay area last year.  A rhesus macaques was captured in the St. Pete area in 2012 after being on the loose for years.  FWC warns anyone who encounters a macaques monkey to avoid it as many carry the potentially deadly Herpes B virus that can be transmitted through bites, scratches or contact with bodily fluids.


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