Signs Your Gift Is A Dud

December 15, 2016

© Ariwasabi | Dreamstime

It never fails, there's always one gift you receive that is horrible.  A recent survey found that out of 2,000 Americans, 74% admitted to faking an enthusiastic reaction to a gift and 8 in 10 confess to lying to someone's face about how much they like or love a horrible gift. But how can you tell if someone really likes your gift? Or better hide your disappointment?  Experts say it's all within the first 5 seconds of opening it.  Tell-tale signs of someone faking it are the first words spoken.  Generally words like, "wow" and "ooh" are indications the gift missed the mark.  If the recipient silently stares at the gift, chances are it’s bad.  In fact, silence is the worst reaction. Finally awkward physical affection.  Although a big hug and kiss are signs you nailed it, handshakes, pats on the back and half-hugs are signs of a dud.  It appears these signs of dislike do go noticed with 37% of those in this survey stating they could tell someone was faking it about a gift they didn't like. So make sure your present is perfect. Make sure you know the personality of person you are buying the gift for.  Take a little time to really think what gifts they'd like and you'll do fine!

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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