Signs Your Device Has Been Hacked

April 3, 2018

© Carlosbcna | Dreamstime

How do you know if your accounts and devices have been hacked?  It's not like they leave you a note saying your identity has been stolen.  But there are some tell-tale signs you can easily identify so that you can stop the hack before it ruins your digital life!  One of the biggest red flags likely to send you into a mild panic is a record of a purchase that you’ve got nothing to do with: It usually means a scammer has either got access to some of your card details or one of your online payment accounts, such as Amazon or PayPal. So get into the habit of checking your bank accounts regularly and set up payment alerts that text you any time a financial transaction has occurred. Another sign of being hacked is your phone or computer seriously slows down. Malware used to steal information uses a lot of computer power and results in slower performance.  Notice your Netflix buffering more often?  It takes forever to load a web site?  Another sign of malware installed is your anti-virus program performance.  If it shuts off automatically or will not do processes like scan, most likely your computer is infected.  Recovery from a hack is pretty universal.  Of course, change all your online account passwords, run an on-demand scanner can remove many malware infections that is if you can get it to run on your infected device.  But your computer or device may be fully infected, so wiping it clean and restoring a backup is your best bet (so make sure you your device is making backups).

SOURCE: Gizmodo

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