Signs You May Be Suffering From OCD

June 20, 2018

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) has become a bit of a buzzword. While we use it tongue and cheek to describe our reactions to many things in life, OCD is a real mental health issue.  Everyone has their own idiosyncratic habits that can become a little obsessive from time to time. About 2% of the population suffer from the condition there are some examples you can use to help distinguish between potentially non-OCD behavior and true OCD behavior. So you think, "did I lock the front door?"  The non-OCD behavior would be to go back home and double-check the door once.  The OCD behavior would be go back to the house and check the door again and again. Never being satisfied with what is found, thinking the action was not performed right and could have involved a mistake. Another example is to wonder if you'll ever listen to a particular CD or watch a particular DVD again. A non-OCD behavior would be to simply hang on to it and over time realize you don't want or need it after a spring clean and dispose it.  An OCD habit would strike fear of something bad happening if it's thrown away or that keeping it because you might need it someday to a ridiculous extreme and eventually acquiring so many items, or hoarding, that the space is filled with useless items.  A real threat and a perceived and often irrational threat are two very different things. If you have overpowering feelings. The good news is that OCD can be treated and done so successfully with time, perseverance, determination, the right therapy for the individual.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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