Signs You Are A Bad Driver

April 24, 2017

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No doubt you've seen some incredible things while driving the roadways.  Some comical but more so incredibly dangerous.  But are you part of the problem?  Many time we thing we are driving safely but in reality we're the car that is causing the headaches and potentially endangering the lives of many people.  So we'll go over some seemingly harmless driving technics that should send up red flags that you are not safe behind the wheel.  For instance, you may think you're awesome in mastering the art of eating a taco behind the wheel while talking on the phone and STILL able to send a text. While multitasking in other settings is commendable, multitasking while driving leaves you distracted for that pedestrian crossing the road or that motorcycle next to you. Stick to driving while behind the wheel.  Our infamous thunderstorm bursts of rain prompt many drivers to put on their flashers or hazard lights; thinking it is making them safer. But it is not only dangerous, it is against the law

Driving with your hazard lights is confusing for drivers who may think your car is disabled in the traffic lane.  However you should turn on your headlights in rain (that is the law too) as well as your windshield wipers.

Notice a lot of traffic passing you on the right side of your car while on the Interstate?  Umm, we should talk!  

Remember multitasking on the road is bad? It’s because you are not paying attention on the roadway.  While you may have a special bond with the center or left lanes, if people are passing on the right, you are a bad driver!  Remember that question on the driver’s test of "slower traffic should stay to the right?"  Well even if not, the state has placed helpful signs on the roadway reminding you of it and as of 2014, you can receive a traffic ticket for it!  Your Car Has a Cigarette Lighter That Works And Three Lights That Don't?  Shame, bad driver!  Proper maintenance means your car will be safe, so periodically check your car’s safety features, including lights, to make sure they are in working order.  Finally and most important, if your friends get quiet when you say how good of a drive you are, changes are you may need to go back to traffic school!

SOURCE: Jalopnik

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