Signs That You May Have A Shopping Addiction

August 1, 2018

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Everyone can have some fun with a little retail therapy, but just like alcohol and gambling there are warning signs that a once fun activity is turning into an addiction. Oniomania, commonly known as compulsive shopping addiction affects around 20 million Americans and most are women, who say shopping fuels a feeling of excitement and a rush of adrenaline that leads you to buy more and more, which could lead you and your family into financial ruin. Signs that you may be a shopaholic are that shopping is your only hobby, you hide your purchases from your partner or loved ones and down play how much you shop, shopping is taking up significant portions of your time, both in reality and online and feelings of guilt regarding your spending habits.  As with any addiction awareness in the first step in beating it. While Compulsive Buying Disorder may require help from a licensed medical professional, you can take steps to keep it under control. Keep a spending journal by writing down every purchase you make for one month.  This will allow you to track where your money is going and identify superfluous spending areas that can be curtailed. Avoid plastic and pay for purchases with cash. Studies show consumers spend up to 60% less when parting with cold hard cash. Take a power pause, where you enforce a waiting period before buying something, to determine whether you still want the item after a cooling off period. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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