Signs That Dominant Genes Are In Control Of Your Body

January 25, 2017

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Our bodies are made up of two genes, dominant and recessive.  The genes handed down from our parents, much like them picking a movie to watch, battle it out for superiority resulting in our hair and eye color and so much more.  For instance, if you are right-handed, the dominant gene won out. 70%-90% of the world's population is right-handed. If you hair is brown or black, the dominant hair gene is king supreme as the vast majority of the world born that way (don't worry, only you and your hair stylist know the truth).  Brown eyes are also the dominate color with more brown eyes than any other color in the world. Other dominate traits of the human body are a detached ear lobe, broad eyebrows, long eyelashes, cheek dimples, broad lips, the ability to roll and fold your tongue, widow's peak hairline and even how you act.  For instance interlace your fingers, like you were praying.  Is your left thumb over right?  Or better yet, cross your arms.  Is your left arm over your right?  Both mannerisms are the result of dominant genes.  Finally one of the more odd dominant traits is also on your hand.  In particular, your pinky finger. If your pinky finger is bent?  It's the dominant gene.


SOURCE: Ranker

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