Siblings Feuding Over Chores? Strike A Balance With A Chore Auction

September 19, 2017

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Siblings can fight over just about everything!  From movies to chores there is no limit to a sibling rivalry that always leaves you with the exhausting role as playing referee during a "it's just not fair" moment.  However there is a tactic you should try at least once that may be key in keeping the peace and your sanity.  The trick involves the most of the complained about tasks of siblings, chores.  Rather than starting a round-robin of unfair, host a chore auction.  Here's how it works.  Start with a simple task, like sweeping the kitchen floor.  You offer your kids the right to pick the next movie on family movie night to whoever agrees to the chore.  If a child accepts the offer, you are golden.  If no one accepts the offer, sweeten the deal with an additional item, such as picking the next place to eat lunch as well as picking the next movie on movie night and continue to sweeten the deal with other reward items until one of them accepts.  In any case, it is a win-win for you with no more bickering over who gets to pick movies and where to eat lunch and chores get completed without whining and complaining.  This incredible strategy comes from the book, The Game Theorist’s Guide to Parenting, the book by Paul Raeburn and Kevin Zollman.  The authors say you can set limits and the game works best with siblings of similar abilities but in short, you can progress the chore auction up to bigger tasks as time moves on and including bonuses in allowance, extra phone texting times and other rewards your children will appreciate.  Of course you can set limits with each item. In any case, it is a win-win with no more calls of "unfair" with chores and those chores are completed.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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