Shower At Night For Radiant Skin The Next Morning

February 8, 2018

© Lukas Gojda | Dreamstime

A morning shower can kick-start your day but showering at night can be better for your skin and help you sleep! A shower after your day washes off the sweat, oils and allergens of the day, giving you better shut-eye and radiant skin. The rinse of water at least 90 minutes before sleep has shown to relieve stress and allow your body to heat up and cool down in time for adequate shut-eye. Plus it aids your skin as it regenerates at night, so clearing away dead skin cells at night means a more radiant look for you the next morning.  But a morning shower can help you be more creative. A study from Harvard found that morning showers can help those who are feeling stressed due to work or under pressure to be creative. The same way a shower reduces cortisol levels to help you relax at night, releasing that same hormone in the morning can lower stress, opening up the way for creativity, according to research. In short, it's personal preferences, as long as you take showers on a regular basis!

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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