Should You Warm Up Your Car Nor Not?

January 4, 2018

© Narongrit Sutthisamut | Dreamstime

With some of the coldest weather in recent memory there's a good chance you've ventured out and started your car to "let it warm up" before leaving for work.  It begs the questions, does your car need to be warmed up.  Depends who you ask.  If you ask your mom or dad, they probably said yes.  But today's car really do not need to warm up in cold weather.  Back in the days before cars were more machine than computer, the internal parts and in particular the oil needed to warm up and hoses needed to gradually warm up or snap or pop. In fact older cars made last century should warm up just because they’re older! However that doesn't mean you should start and go in your new car.  Even with modern technology, your car needs about 30 seconds or so for that cold, molasses-thick oil to work itself up from the oil pan, but, generally, it’s true you can start up and drive off, and that the car will warm up quicker when driving. Then "drive gently" for the first 5-15 minutes awhile the engine gets up to temperature and those brittle rubber hoses and belts warm up from the engine heat.  That way you are protecting your engine for a long life.

SOURCE: Jalopnik

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