Should You Reboot Your Router?

May 31, 2018

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Last week the FBI sent out a rather strange warning for home and busineses to re-start your computer network routers after it was discoverd that foreign computer hackers had installed malware on at least half a million devices that can collect your personal data and even cause your network to run slow or collapse.  The co-called VPNFilter has been secretly installed in more than 50 countries and on some of the most popular routers such as Netgear and Linksys (see below).  While un-plugging the power from your router, waiting for a full minute and plugging it back in will temporarily disrupt any malware that's active on the device, it won't remove it.  To remove any malware, you will need to restore the factory default, which means you will need to reconfigure all the network settings  But before you do a full factory reset, make sure you have installed the most current firmware update before performing the reset. Plus, it isn't such a bad idea to restart your router, WiFi and computer from time to time.  So yes, you should reboot your router even if it isn't on the list.

  • Linksys: E1200, E2500, WRVS4400N
  • Mikrotik: 1016, 1036, 1072
  • Netgear: DGN2200, R6400, R7000, R8000, WNR1000, WNR2000
  • QNAP: TS251, S439 Pro, other QNAP NAS devices running QTS software
  • TP-Link: R600VPN

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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