Should You Get A Flu Shot Even If You've Already Had The Flu Recently?

January 31, 2018

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There has been a lot of concern about this year's flu as the Center For Disease Control says it is widespread in the state.  In short, it is a bad flu season and is the worst since the 2009 outbreak and there is some promising news that the worst may be over.  But the flu season is far from over with several more weeks forecast and a flu shot can still be effective even if you've skipped or came down with the virus.  Believe it or not, you can catch the flu more than once a season because having one “type” of flu doesn’t provide immunity against the other types that may be circulating. For the most part, there are two type of viruses responsible for the flu, type A influenza and type B influenza.  For this season it appears the type A virus has been the culprit and it may have peaked.  However there are reports that type B is on the rise which means you can find yourself back in bed with the flu even after getting over it.  So the bottom line is to get your flu shot even if you already had the flu (or a bug you think might have been the flu). Although the vaccine doesn’t guarantee that you’ll avoid a second case of the flu, it will reduce the likelihood of it and its complications, such as pneumonia, sepsis and risks to your heart.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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